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Dec 1, 2013 11:40pm EST
never treated as though my book is about lincoln and u.s. foreign policy. part of the reason is there hasn't been a policy in nearly 70 years, a kind of holistic human narrative about it and that is before the lincoln papers were released in congress in 1947, so there is a lot of water under the bridge, but i think that one of the reasons there hasn't been a book about the foreign policy is that there's a strong and competent secretary of state. he delegated a lot and so lincoln didn't do everything in foreign affairs. but the things he did do are really important, so i sliced it a little differently. i've taken a look at the things lincoln did do in the foreign relations but without saying he did everything right by the way. he made some mistakes, too. >> was the foreign policy all tied into the civil war? >> we treat the civil war appeared to in this book and i also have a chapter early on about the mexican war. lincoln was a freshman congressman in the house of representatives during the end of the mexican war in the 1840s. so lincoln was opposed to the origins of the war and one o
Dec 1, 2013 8:05pm EST
foreign policy issues very role with the good schooling yet developed an appreciation of how congress works. he spent 40 years there. and exactly the second u.s. senator to win the presidency before him it was of the warren harding 1920 and since then is barack obama 2008. that is not unnatural jumping off point but kennedy could use it to advance his ambition of. >> host: the book is jfk and the senate. [applause] thank you for that lovely introduction. and also for coming out on a school might. i know how hard it is to do that if you have kids or not. also for postdate this event i would like to make a quick plug if you have any changes in your pocket by a book to support your local independent bookstore.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2